Adoption Cost & Timing Update

Spring 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: Attaching through meals, hugs, fun, and games; the adoption process from the expectant mother’s perspective; looking back on China’s One-Child Policy; ensuring parental rights for LGBT families; embracing older parenthood; latest adoption cost & timing survey results; and more.

ON THE COVER: Emilea (5, U.S.), daughter of David and Jennifer, Michigan. Photograph by Kate Reali Mercer, Utopia Bay Photography.

Special Needs & Open Adoption

Winter 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: Adoptees on the benefits of open adoption; how to request the support you need from family & friends; how one family tuned their parenting to their son's special needs; "To the white parents of my black son's friends”; and more.

ON THE COVER: Owen (4, U.S.), son of Cecilia and Jonathan Davis. Photograph by Front Room Photography.

Focus on U.S. Foster Adoption

Fall 2015

IN THIS ISSUE: How to adopt from U.S. foster care, the winners of our 2015 Cover Photo Contest, results from the first study about birth parent search and reunion in China, getting an emergency placement call, and more.

ON THE COVER: Luke, Quincy, and Romy (4,6, and 2 weeks; U.S.), children of Sunny and Adam,California. Photograph by Sunny.